Creston is top of the list when it comes to the control of these smart appliances, and highly specialises in the audiovisual section. Its full and flexible range of products allows users to find a made-to-measure solution for any project and to integrate whichever new device to a system. Creston epitomises quality and stability. Faultless designs make equipping your audiovisual appliances with a Creston system an impossible option to resist.

smart control of image and sound.

Control any appliance from your iPad, or from one of the touch-screens provided by the company. Thanks to an immense integration capacity, you can adjust sound duplicators, screens, projectors, window blinds, lights, air-conditioning etc… to other control systems such as KNX.

A Crestron control demo for a board room:(Click here for full screen)

Video Crestron Live:

Example with V-Panel Control:

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