Designing a quality home cinema involves multidisciplinary technical combination that dominate both the field of room acoustics and home automation in order to to set the objectives of dimensions, geometry and materials used in the coating of the walls to get a room with exceptional acoustics so that you get the most of your theater sound equipment, and control the room from a wireless touch panel such as an ipad, controlling the starting up of the projector, screen display, adjusting the lighting, air conditioning, , control of audiovisual content from both blu-ray and media server or video matrices.

Integrate in one room all audiovisual devices and enjoy the movies, their favorite series or video games like in a real theater.

T-Ingeniamos designs, plans and implements tailor-made home cinemas. Feel free to contact us and get some information about the options available.

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Oficina de Ingeniería Acústica, domótica y telecomunicaciones

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