A smart and open system

KNX allows a very varied freedom of choice as more than 100 manufacturers offer an extensive range of certified and compatible KNX products, all up to date with the latest technology. KNX is the only home automation system for properties and homes that is backed by European and International regulations (EN 50090 and ISO/IEC 14543 respectively). Keeping to these regulations ratifies the quality and stability of KNX technology, which is a seal of guarantee for the owners of the estate. KNX is an open system which can be updated within a tiered structure and developed accordingly for the benefit of the user. It is even suitably prepared to adapt to a future generation of products.

Customised solutions for automated homes

KNX is the only standard home automation system in the world today with big future expectations. As the logical successor to the EIB systems from 1987, KNX’s multiuse smart system controls lighting, heating and cooling and window blinds, as well as audio and security systems.

This provides an efficiency that meets the specific requirements of every individual, and its main advantage is that the network and automation of the home can be extended and modified at any moment in time. KNX’s customised products are all market leaders. Whether your projects are big or small, whether for new buildings or refurbished ones, the KNX solution is definitely the most efficient.

Technology for future generations

Your house is alive. Tenants will come and go but KNX remains. You’ll be able to adapt the home automation system to the building’s new needs, which will in turn increase the value of your property and decrease costs in the long run.

3 orientative examples of home automation systems

Here are 3 different offers for the same three-bedroom, single-family home:


T-Ingeniamos is an accredited “KNX Partner”. We design, develop and implement integrated home automation projects with KNX components. Clear any doubts you may have by asking us, without any obligation to purchase. We can custom-make a system for you at the lowest possible rates. Call us today!

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