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Simple and intuitive:

Monitoring your appliances can be as simple and straight-forward as you like. The appearance of your house can remain completely unchanged by using conventional switches and avoiding the use of control screens. At its simplest function level, the system will administer your appliances autonomously in such a way that no supervision or control is required on your part.

The integration of all controls:

The time for checking control panel by control panel is over. Forget about programming the irrigation system here, the air conditioning there, the under floor heating with stopcocks or switching on radiators. Everything can be installed and run from an intuitive web-page, accessible from your iPad, iPhone or from any PC anywhere in the world.

Audiovisual integration:

How many remote controls do you own? One for your TV, another for your stereo, DVD-BR, satellite, air conditioning… Well forget about the tedious series of combining remote controls to watch your favourite film. Press a button and the system will set it all up so that you can focus on enjoying your free time. And by creating specific scenarios, with a simple click of the mouse you’ll be able to read a book with the right lighting, the blinds appropriately positioned and your pre-selected background music playing. Click on “Watch a film” and the projector, DVD-BR player and stereo will switch on and adjust to your pre-set volume, the lighting will dim down to a subtle background glow and the air conditioning will set your living room to your chosen room temperature for these moments of pleasure. Easy!

escenas domoticaCreating scenarios:

Imagine getting home to a front door that opens automatically, alarm systems that deactivate themselves and all walkways that light-up as and when required, all thanks to a biometric fingerprint reader. The HVAC systems also turn on to render the interior temperature comfortable and the music thread resumes the last track it was playing before you left home.
Leaving the building is also as easy and intuitive as simply walking out and choosing the “Exit” option. The system then turns the ventilation off, checks that all doors and windows are shut (and warns you if they aren’t), switches the interior lighting off keeping the outdoor courtesy illumination on for 5 minutes after your departure and automatically shuts the reinforced door behind you activating the alarm.
Going on holiday? Press the “holiday” button and the system will deactivate all electric inputs, except for the refrigerator, stop the HVAC systems, close the solenoid water valve and start up the simulation of presence sequences so that no one spying would guess that the house is empty. Your appliances will work for you, as far as the mind cares to wander.

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