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Optimize the use of lighting:

By automating your home appliances, illumination sensor feeds will rationally regulate the use of electric lighting, so that you’re always provided the necessary measure of lighting and avoid excessive use. Movement sensors in passageways within the building will assure that no unnecessary lights are switched on.

eficiencia energetica, energias renovables, consumo responsable, monitorización consumosOptimize the use of air conditioning:

These appliances will help your savings drastically. Avoid excessive use of air conditioning by integrating efficient and coordinated systems such as air ducts, split systems, heating coils, under floor heating and radiators. By way of presence detectors, the workload of HVAC appliances can be reduced or deactivated in given zones within the building and their charging can be interrupted. Reduce consumption and render your estate highly efficient with our scheduled programmes and pre-set scenarios that combine automatic shutter settings with that of awnings and sun blinds.

eficiencia energética, ahorro inteligente, domóticaMonitor your consumption:

We can learn a lot about our estate by administering the consumption of our appliances. Avoid paying for more energy than you require and constantly adjust your electrical expenses to what is absolutely necessary through the analysis of your use of electricity. This analysis notifies you of the potential failure of any electrical appliance, possibly due to a network overload. Avoid a situation in which any essential appliance breaks down (such as a refrigerator, freezer, lighting etc.) by ‘intelligently’ cutting off the power supply before it’s too late.

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