Making the different appliances in a building automated offers users an exciting range of benefits and possibilities. In order to bring you these advantages we’ll send out a reliable and professional systems integrator, who has extensive experience in the field, is up to date with the latest technological advances and knows all of the building’s appliances and how to control their specific uses. The benefits can be organised into 3 main groups: (click here to view the groups)

alarmas tecnicas, simulacion de presencia, detectores de movimiento, presencia, rotura cristales, inundacion, humos, domotica


eficiencia energética, ahorro inteligente, domótica


domotica facil, domotica intuitiva, domotica simple


Technological advances and state of the art modern science provide us with an endless list of possibilities and solutions that can be adapted to every conceivable situation.

Feel free to contact us to clear any doubts that may arise. We will offer advice and personal guidance regarding the best possible solutions on a case by case basis. We’ll take your set of specific requirements and suggest implementing a tailor-made offer, no strings attached.

Our showroom in Sotogrande exhibits products from the following brands: Basalte, Zennio, Ascendo, Siedle and Ad-notam. Book a visit and see for yourself!

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Oficina de Ingeniería Acústica, domótica y telecomunicaciones

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